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The Town of Zendar.

Zendar was a neutral town positioned between the Kingdom of Nords and Vaegirs where players began the game. It remained in the game until patch 0.950. It included tutorial characters from whom the player could learn about capturing and selling prisoners, damage types, and other locations like Four Ways Inn, Dhorak's Keep and Salt Mines. Each of these locations were eventually removed along with the city.

The player could recruit farmers from the tavern and could join tournaments and receive training from the local trainer. Zendar, being an independent statelet, had issues maintaining its independence from less diplomatic third parties such as the River Pirates and Sea Raiders. The townsmen often put bounties on the heads of the River Pirates, which the player could use as a source of experience and loot for themselves and company, as the weak player would not be able to fight higher tier armies with the basic trooper, the Farmer.

Calradian lore states that the town was razed to the ground by an army of Sea Raiders and the population dispersed. Some famous Zendarians include Stavros and Hareck.


  • While the actual town and the locations were removed, the spawn codes for them still exist, even in latest version of Warband. If you use a party_template editor and check out the marker "disabled", Zendar and the locations will spawn like they were intended. However, this does not restore any function of these locations, due to lack of coding, maps and strings for actions. Dialog text will state, "You have entered the town of Zendar/the Salt Mine/Dhorak's Keep" but the player won't be able to enter. It is possible to fix these locations, but requires a large amount of time and knowledge of coding.
  • Zendar was not a normal town. Unlike other towns, you didn’t have to click any buttons to enter, just simply click the town.


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