Wool Cloth

Wool Cloth

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Wool Cloth is a non-consumable trade good. It is produced by a wool cloth weavery from wool.

A possible trade route for this item may be found between the towns of Ahmerrad and Dhirim. Wool cloth can be purchased in Ahmerrad for under 200 denars and then sold in Dhirim for around 270 denars, depending on the player's trade level and Dhirim's current economic situation.

You can buy a wool cloth weavery for an initial cost of 6,000 denars and the weekly cost is 120 denars. The input is 2 wool (can be bought by the player) per week and the out put is 2 wool clothe per week. The average profit is 120 denars and thus has a profit margin of 2.0%.

All towns in Warband produce Wool Cloth.

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