Outpost is an option in Warsword Conquest, available in the camp menu.


Outpost in Warsword Conquest

The Outpost can be built anytime, anywhere. It has two upgrades so far. Building and upgrading takes a few hours. You can't move when building an outpost.

You don't have to pay wages of soldiers garrisoned and patrolling around this outpost.

DON'T LOSE THIS PATROL! There comes no option for new patrol, and upgrade shows script error. Just keep 40-50 soldier in patrol so bandits don't touch it.

First Level OutpostEdit

Price:3500 denars
Mb warband 2014-02-13 09-26-05-41

Outpost level 1

Options provided:

  1. Walk around
  2. Create a patrol of 20 watchmen for 500 denars
  3. Upgrade option for better patrol and defence
  4. Demolish Outpost for 500 denars
  5. Station a garrison

Second Level OutpostEdit

Price:5000 denars
Mb warband 2014-02-13 09-29-42-81

Outpost level 2

Options provided:

  1. Walk around, garrison and demolish
  2. Upgrade to Stronghold
  3. Patrol upgrades: All troops inside the patrol receive huge amounts of experience and get upgraded to the next tier. Top tier troops like Warchiefs, Inner Circle Knights, Beastlords etc... may need two trainings to reach the next tier.
  • Basic Training: 1000 denars
  • Regular Training: 2000 denars
  • Advanced Training: 3000 denars
  • Expert Training: 4000 denars

Third Level Fort (under development)Edit

Price:10000 denars

Fort: outpost level 3

When you walk around you see no construction. Just some people and soldiers.

Also the Market option is there but it is accessible only by talking to traders standing inside the fort area.

A messenger tower can be built.

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