Mercenaries and bandits in Warsword Conquest.

Privateers work as manhunters. They have 3 types of troops: crewman, Privateer and Privateer Captain.

Most bandits provide chicken or pork when looted.

Also all towns have patrols of 35-40 troops of their faction.


  1. Orcs: Orc boy to Orc boar boy
  2. Bray(minotaur): Beastman ungor to Beastlord
  3. Amazon Hunters: weekly cost 25 denars
  4. Amazon Warriors: weekly cost 25 denars
  5. Mercenary Savage Ogre: weekly cost 117 denars
  6. Mercenary Ogre: 271 denars weekly
  7. Grudgebringer Infantry, Crossbow, Cavalry
  8. Watchman, Caravan Guard: upgrades to Grudgebringer
  9. Long Drong Slayer (Dwarfs): weekly cost 34 denars


  1. Pygmy: poor Looters everywhere
  2. Orcs: In Goblin Forest
  3. Beastman: between Goblin forests and deserts
  4. Desert bandits: In desert, Tomb Kings empire
  5. Norse Raider: In sea and in Lizard Kingdom mostly
  6. Undead Pirate: In sea and in Lizard Kingdom mostly
  7. Darkelf Raiders(Corsair): In sea only
  8. Gorols: Near mountains between Lizard, Empire and Nippon region
  9. Deserters: all types

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