Warsword Conquest

Warsword Conquest

M&B Warband v1.158
Single Player
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Warsword Conquest is a mod based on a Games Workshop table top game by the name of Warhammer fantasy. It is currently in an unfinished state.


  • The main features of the mod are as follows.
  • 13 factions to fight for or against: Empire, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings, Badlands Goblins, Pirates, Orcs, Dwarfs, Bretonnia, Chaos, Dark Elves, High Elves, Araby and Skaven. Every faction has tons of new armours, items and mounts which can be bought from merchants. Each faction has it's own troop types and lords, which are close to their Warhammer armies. Big monsters to hire or fight including Trolls, Ratogres, Ogres, Kroxigors and Ushabti.
  • The ability to become a player character of every faction race in the game. All new character creation system, brings a Warhammer background to your character.

Item race restrictions: Players can only wear items appropriate to their race. The player has the chance to obtain magical weapons and armour for themselves.

  • New map of the Old World: Start on the map straight away, no one on one battle..

Visit, destroy or take over a total of 33 Towns, 58 castles and 138 villages. All new bandits including Beastmen, Night Goblins and Undead. Large bandit armies of renegade mercenaries and night goblins on the map. More than twice the number of bandit parties.

  • Factionalized merchants now sell race related items: Factionalized mercenaries: Each faction has a pool of different mercenaries to hire.

All new mercenaries including Ogre Leadbelcher, Alcatani Fellowship, Braganzas Besieger, Tichi Huichi Raiders Mengils Manflayer, Night Goblins, Witch Elves and many more. 28 new companions to hire. Sell prisoners to tavernkeeper. Revamped tournaments with special tournament characters and teams.

  • Faction patrols around their lands: Each town and village has villagers of the right faction.

Factionalized Farmers and village defenders, now correct for faction. Villages now produce recruits of owner faction and changes recruit type when taken over. All new scenes to bring the Warhammer world alive. Ability to change the player's kingdom troop race when you own a kingdom. Death cam and battle continues. Sea Battles and Sea Bandits. Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment. Troop Formations.


  • Araby:
  • Badlands Goblins:
  • Beastman:
  • Bretonnia:
  • Chaos:
  • Dark Elves:
  • Dwarfs:
  • Empire of Sigmar:
  • High Elves:
  • Lizardman Kingdom:
  • Orcs:
  • Pirate Kingdom:
  • Skaven:
  • Tomb Kings Empire:
  • Wood Elves:
  • Sylvannia:


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