Wandering poets are the masters of Calradian romance.

There are a total of five that go by various titles and can be found in specific regions:

Title Faction
Wandering Ashik Sarranid Sultanate/Khergit Khanate
Wandering Bard Kingdom of Swadia/Kingdom of Vaegirs/Kingdom of Rhodoks
Wandering Troubadour Kingdom of Swadia/Kingdom of Vaegirs/Kingdom of Rhodoks
Wandering Skald Kingdom of Nords
Wandering Minstrel Kingdom of Swadia/Kingdom of Vaegirs/Kingdom of Rhodoks

Poet FunctionsEdit

  1. Poets provide all of a kingdom's gossip on courtships. They provide details on the personality of prospective spouses, as well as news on courtship developments in a kingdom. Both personalties and news are recorded in the player character log along with the relveant date. Married ladies leave the poet's list of newsworthy maidens.
  2. From this courtship news, male players may issue duel challenges to lords rivaling for their ladies' affections.
  3. Poets also teach new players the intricacies of wooing and eventually marriage in Calradia.
  4. Poets teach players poems based on their specific poem set that are used during courtship. These poems cost 300 denars and map time. There are only a total of five poems.

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