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Faction map of bannerlord1
Vlandia in red
Faction Information
Ruler King Derthert
Claimant Unknown
Minor Factions Company of the Golden Boar

The Vlandians are a faction in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. Vladians are raiders from the Empire's western coast, that have established kingdom on imperial land

They appear to be the ancestors of the Kingdom of Swadia, hinted by their specialisation in heavy cavalry wielding lances and swords.

It is speculated that they are also the ancestors of the Rhodoks, as the Rhodoks were originally a part of the Kingdom of Swadia. Their links with the Kingdom of Swadia are also visible by the names of two of their cities: Pravend and Sunor are perhaps the old names of the cities of Praven and Suno. They also have a town called Sargot (perhaps the old name of the city of Sargoth, initially owned by the Nords in Warband), as well as Galend and Jaculan (older names for Yalen and Jelkala). They also control the city Charas (Shariz, occupied by the Sarranids by the time of Warband) on their southeastern border.

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