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Base Value
1025 1025 1025 N/A
40.0 40.0 40.0 N/A
Food Quantity
Morale Bonus
+0 +0 +0 N/A
No No No N/A
Goods Type
Made From...
Made Into...

Velvet is a non-consumable trade good.

It can often be found for purchase in all three towns of the Kingdom of Rhodoks: Jelkala, Veluca, and Yalen. Jelkala in particular produces large quantities of velvet. Suno will also often have some velvet for sale; however, it is usually priced above market value there. It can reliably be sold at Shariz for over 1,000 denars.

Velvet is one of two items needed for the Procure Gift quest.

This item can be produced by a velvet weavery and dyeworks from raw silk in Warband. The initial cost to buy a velvet weavery and dyeworks is 10,000 and the cost every week is 160 denars. The business requires 2 raw silk and 1 dye a week (both can be bought by the player) and produces 2 velvet per week. The average profit per week is 490 denars with a profit margin of 4.9%.

When founding your own kingdom, there will be a court in your first town (or castle, if you don't own a town). To move the court, you will need tools and velvet.

In With Fire & Sword, velvet is best bought at Kyzykermen for about 100 thalers and then sold in Vyborg for about 1000 thalers.

With Fire & Sword has a Steam achievement, Velvet Commander, for having 10 units of velvet in your inventory.

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