Vaegir Guard

Vaegir Guard

Weekly Wages
27-14 denars
Upgrades To...
Upgrade Cost
Exp For Kill
230 xp
Ransom Value
192 denars

Vaegir Guards are the top-tier infantry units in the Vaegir troop line, the other top tier units being Vaegir Marksmen and Vaegir Knights. They are obtained from upgrading Vaegir Infantry for 80 denars.


These units are slightly more mobile than their Swadian Sergeant or Rhodok Sergeant counterparts, but their general lack of shields leave them very vulnerable to archer fire. They are the least-shielded top-tier infantry in Calradia, worse than Sarranid Guards. Vaegir Guards can be seen to best Nord Huscarls in melee. This is likely due to the Guards favoring two-handed axes in battle, allowing them to destroy their opponents' shields and then strike enemies in the head for one-hit kills during the brief stuns caused by this type of weapon.

Guards fight well in defending castles because of their polearms, but otherwise will fall prey to enemy archers quite easily. Even in close combat, it is hard to beat another top-tier infantry with Vaegir Guards. Sometimes even Rhodok Sharpshooters will fight better in melee! Sarranid Guards are comparable to them, but Sarranids are more likely to have shields and sometimes throwing weapons (like jarids) that can be hurled before the clash.

If you use Vaegir Guards, it is important to suppress enemy archer fire quickly by any means, such as firing a volley of arrows or a cavalry charge. You can also use another shielded infantry as core infantry, and use Vaegir Guards as shock troopers. This can be done by setting the Guards as another group type, and keeping them behind the troops with shields until your infantry are about to charge to the enemy. This way, the Guards will almost never face the arrows.

Stats and equipmentEdit

Note: Troops have a set of default stats; at the beginning of a new game, these stats are randomly adjusted for each type of troop. The following is the default set for this troop as seen within the game code and may not reflect the specific stats you will see during actual gameplay. For more information, see Troop stats.

Vaegir Guard - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Level 24
Strength 7
Agility 5
Intelligence 4
Charisma 4
Health 48
Vaegir War Helmet, Helmet with Lamellar Guard
Body Armor
Banded Armor, Lamellar Vest, Lamellar Armor
Mail Chausses, Iron Greaves
(Possible): Leather Gloves
Skill Points
Ironflesh 3
Power Strike 4
Power Throw 0
Power Draw 0
Weapon Master 0
Shield 2
Athletics 4
Riding 2
Horse Archery 0
Looting 0
Trainer 0
Tracking 0
Tactics 0
Path-finding 0
Spotting 0
Inventory Management 0
Wound Treatment 0
Surgery 0
First Aid 0
Engineer 0
Persuasion 0
Prisoner Management 0
Leadership 0
Trade 0
Weapon Type Points
One Handed Weapons 150
Two Handed Weapons 130
Polearms 140
Archery 0
Crossbows 0
Throwing 0
Melee Weapons
Ashwood Pike, Fighting Axe, Bardiche, Battle Axe
Ranged Weapons
Heavy Kite Shield

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