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This is my talk page. Ask whatever questions you want about the Khergits, the Nords, or Mount&Blade: Warband in general. I'll try to help you as much as I can. I don't know a ton about editing wikis, so if you want to give a few tips, that would help, too.

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If you want to read about the general writing guidelines for the Mount and Blade Wiki, you can read my Wiki Editing Tips blog. If you need assistance with the technical aspects, the help wiki is a good way to quickly find your answers. You can also ask me anything on my talk page.
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Easiest ConquestEdit

Actually I only have the free trial version of Warband (and With Fire & Sword), so I still mainly play the original game, though I hope to get Warband eventually.

While I fight in the name of Sanjar Khan, I think the Khergit are fairly weak - but take a very long time to defeat because they keep running around on their horses. In castles, the Nords do well, but I find them easy pickings with my horse on the field in a fraction of the time it takes to clean up an equal-sized Khergit force. The Vaegirs are an odd bunch, they seem to either suck or be really good depending on their make up. While Swadia is well known for their knights, and this fame is not undeserved, their unmounted troops are no match for a horse and bastard sword to the face. The Rhodoks with their massive shields and polearms are designed for anti-horse combat, and that makes them tough, but their strength is all defensive rather than offensive; meaning they can hold their ground, but never adequately advance. I have heard the Sarranids are quite weak and don't really excel in any one thing, but my experience with them is quite limited, so I can't really comment anymore than that.

If I had to pick one faction that I think I could defeat in any given scenerio, I guess I'd have to pick the Khegits, their lack of good armor is simply too great a handicap. Therein of course, lies the challenge. I always like making life more difficult for myself, but merely playing with the Khergit is not hard enough for my tastes, my main character commands an all female army recruited entirely from rescued peasant women and the five female heroes. You can read about her here if you like.

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