(Part 1)

While looking over the weapons in preparation to split them, a problem occurred to me.

The issue is with the multipurpose weapons like One/Two-handed weapons. An article cannot have a "/" in the title, as this results in a sub-page. For example, "One/Two-handed weapons" will become "Two-handed weapons" as a sub-page of "One".

Now the obvious solution is to simply give them a different title, but this really only pushes the problem further down the line. Instead of having an undesired sub-page, there is a page with an unintuitive title. In addition, raising the question of what should the new title be?

I think the weapon name is somewhat unintuitive anyway, so perhaps that isn't a huge issue. Links from parent articles, redirects, templates, and categories may be a requirement to navigate to such a weapon type regardless its article name.

Another possible solution is to not give multipurpose weapons their own articles (or obvious ones anyway), instead transcluding them into both of their weapon types. In other words, One/Two-handed weapons would be included in both "One-handed weapons" and "Two-handed weapons". However, this starts to defeat the purpose of splitting the articles in the first place; if they are going to be transcluded into each other, why not just keep everything in one article like they are now?

I am not really sure what course to take at this point...
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