Britain banner

The banner of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is a faction in the Mount&Blade: Warband downloadable content, Napoleonic Wars.


The British Empire is on the rise, constantly expanding and strengthening her influence over the world. However, to become the world’s dominant power, Britain first need to get rid of her most dangerous and ambitious enemy - Imperial France. While Britannia may rule the waves, France still dominates the continent, something London neither can, nor will tolerate.

As financing the armies of Napoleon’s enemies to get rid of the "Corsican monster" turned out to be ineffective, His Majesty’s armies are now to take over and make their own attempt to drive back the French with fire and cold steel. However, trying to maintain a huge empire as well as a war against the United States, Britain has to compensate the lack of troops with professionalism and solid discipline. At the same time huge diplomatic resources are being used to pressure Austria and Prussia to join another coalition. Britain needs all the help she can get if she is to beat back the huge armies of France.





  • Royal Foot Artillery - Artillery
  • 2nd Rocket Troop - Rocket Artillery
  • Sapper - Engineer
  • Ship Crew - Infantry (HMS Neptune)
  • Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington - Commander

Multiplayer Regiments

  • GB
  • 32nd
  • 33rd
  • 41st
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