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Uhhun Castle is a castle belonging to the Khergit Khanate. It is featured in both Mount&Blade and Warband.

Its village is Uhhun.


Uhhun Castle lies between Halmar and Tulga, next to a forest grove in the heartland of the steppes.

Its village is quite close, to the north.

The area surrounding it appears to be a hive for Steppe Bandits, making it difficult to keep villagers in the area safe. The bandit patrols come in all directions to area around the castle and its village. However, as far as faction enemies go, it is a helpful watch point for Uhhun village, being so close by.


Uhhun Castle lies west of Narra at the top of a small ridge on the border with the Kingdom of Swadia.

Its village is close, within a small forest to the east.

The terrain of the area can give an advantage for Uhhun Castle. Uhhun Castle can only be besieged from two directions. Also, Uhhun is right next to it, so it's easier to spot intruders. The area is also relatively safe from bandit patrols.

The Sarranid Sultanate considers it stolen territory and claims that it's rightfully theirs.


Besieging Uhhun Castle requires the construction of a Siege Tower, needing 30 hours of preparation with 10 Engineer.

The front of Uhhun Castle is a narrow walkway perpendicular to where your troops enter the castle. This narrow walkway continues around, meaning your troops don't get a chance to spread out. Above is another walkway, often filled with ranged troops. Defensively, it is often advantageous to cede the outer wall entirely, fall back to the walls surrounding the courtyard, and position your archers on the far side while your melee soldiers hold positions that keeps the enemy in the firing line of your ranged soldiers. If positioned right, attackers will be under constant fire and will be unable to reach your archers, while their own will have a very hard time returning fire over their comrades.

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