Two-handed/One-handed weapons can be used either in both hands, or in one hand with a shield. These weapons have the advantages and disadvantages of both weapon types, depending on how they are used.

To switch between one and two-handed modes, the player's shield must be equipped/unequipped. Using one of these weapons allows the choice between less damage/speed and more defence, or more damage/speed and less defence. Note that any two/one-handed weapon is faster and deals more damage when used with both hands.

On horseback, all melee weapons are held with one hand only (Except for the Hafted Blade). However, while holding a two/one-hand weapon with a shield, the player's One-Handed proficiency will be used and increase. While not holding a shield, the player's Two-Handed proficiency will be used and increase.

The stats below apply when using the two-handed mode. When using the one-handed mode, speed and damage are reduced by 15%.

List of Two-handed/One-handed weaponsEdit

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WeaponStrSpeedReachSwingThrustWeightBase ValueTrait
Bastard Sword
99810135c26p2.0294 -Rusty, Chipped, Balanced, Tempered, Masterwork
Heavy Bastard Sword
99610537c27p2.3526 -Rusty, Chipped, Balanced, Tempered, Masterwork
13958538p -4.5305Unbalanced /
Can crush through blocks
Rusty, Chipped, Heavy
Spiked Staff
99511724b20p2.5200 -Rusty, Chipped, Heavy
Strange Sword
91089532c18p2.0679 -None
(Strange set)

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