Tsar Bodyguard


Muscovite Tsardom
Weekly Wages
Ceremonial Unit
Unobtainable:Ceremonial Unit
Upgrades To...
No further upgrades
Upgrade Cost
Exp For Kill
Ransom Value


The Tsar Bodyguard is only in With Fire & Sword. There is no possible way to obtain him in your party other than hacking or modding. He is only seen in Moscow, as one of the guards at the door way of the fortress. He also wears a white helmet and armor that is unlike any other armor. He wears good boots and uses a poleaxe.
Troops of the Muscovite Tsardom
Staff MilitiamanLance MilitiamanPosad Marksman 
Village CossackKalmyk
MarksmanMarksman SpearmanArmed Serf
New Order SpearmanNew Order MarksmanGerman Infantry PikemanGerman Infantry MusketeerTsar Bodyguard
Moscow ReiterGentry CavalrymanNoble Guard

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