Train Troops


Given by
Time limit
120 days
Relation +1 (accept)
Relation +3 (complete)
Refresh rate
15 days

This is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction that is not marshall. You must be level 6+, have 100+ renown and have enough space in your party.

It consists of training five to eight tier 1 troops provided by the lord until they reach the target type he requests, then giving them back. The troops you give to the lord do not have to be the same men he gave to you, you can even finish the quest immediately if you already have the troops he needs in your party.

Target troops are of tier 1+(Player_Level+random(20 to 40))/10 or last tier. Note that if you are of a sufficiently high level, the quest given by Nord vassals is significantly more difficult to complete as they will always require Nord Huscarls who are one tier higher than any other factions' top tier.

On failure, you will incur a debt of 100 denars with the lord, as you had been paid in advance.

It has a time limit of 120 days and takes 15 days to become available again.

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