Train Peasants


Given by
Village Elder
Time limit
30 days
Relation +3 (accept)
Relation +8 (refuse pay)
Relation +4, Goods (accept pay)
Refresh rate
40 days

Training Peasants is a quest given by a Village Elder. It consists of training a number of peasants to fight against local bandits.

First you need a certain amount of time, dependent on the highest training level in your group, to train said peasants. After this, a number of peasants will spar against you, both you and the peasants will wield staffs and wear only Hide Boots as armour.

If you beat them, no matter your remaining health, you will get a success message. If you lose to one of them, a message appears saying their morale was boosted but they didn't learn what you wanted to teach.

  • Training level 0-1 = 11 hours & max 3 peasants at a time
  • Training level 2-3 = 10 hours & max 3 peasants at a time
  • Training level 4-5 = 9 hours & max 4 peasants at a time
  • Training level 6 = 8 hours & max 4 peasants at a time

Once you've adequately trained up the peasants (this will take multiple training sessions), the village will be attacked by bandits. This part is the same as a Bandit Infestation. Defeating the infestation leads into the same reward opportunities available as a regular infestation while failing this quest will result in the village being looted. Just like the Bandit Infestation, taking the reward offers 4 relationship, but as this quest is only given by poor villages, you are unlikely to get much reward, so it is best to get the 8 relationship by refusing the reward, and recruiting soldiers from the village.

Despite the villagers being personally trained by you and being named "Peasant" instead of "Farmer," their stats and equipment are identical to regular Farmers.