Heavy Throwing Axes are carried by Nord Hurcarls.

Throwing Axes are a one of the Thrown Weapons available in the Mount&Blade series. They come in three different sizes, Light Throwing Axes, Throwing Axes, and Heavy Throwing Axes.

Heavy Throwing Axes are one of the Ranged Weapons carried by Nord Huscarls. The Huscarls carry five at a time, and can take down unsuspecting enemies in a single hit, even horses. In multiplayer, throwing axes are among the most disruptive projectiles when thrown into groups of melee combatants thanks to the characteristic loud whoosh they make as they pass as well as their reputation for dealing heavy damage to anyone they hit.

On the other side, throwing axes have an unusually tall hit area compared to other projectiles but also the highest melee damage, compared to the best swords. So, they can be used to shoot at the last moment, when enemy has already prepared to strike, and than immediately switch to melee. The third hit is never required.

A notable weakness of throwing axes is in dealing with fleeing enemies, particularly cavalry, as their low projectile speed coupled with the speed of their target can result in unimpressive damage against lightly armored foes and at worst completely nonexistent damage to moderately or heavily armored enemies.


Weapon Stack Weight Throw Damage Swing Speed Throw Req True Value
Light Throwing Axes
4 5.0 35c 26c 99 2 360
Throwing Axes
4 5.0 39c 29c 98 3 490
Heavy Throwing Axes
4 5.0 44c 32c 97 4 620

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