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The Deluge is the main quest of the Polish Commonwealth, and also a real event. This quest is very hard, as it requires you to do large amounts of battles with enemy armies.

It is important to note the following before starting this quest:

  • This questline ends with player's death!
  • You must not have joined the Polish Commonwealth when you first start the questline.
  • You cannot back out of the questline once you start it. If you do not want your player to die, restart the game.
  • You cannot join another nation once you start the questline.
  • There is a glitch that causes the dialog box to freeze upon asking for Colonel Jan Skrzetuski's support If the Cossack Hetmanate was destroyed in the Crimean Coup. There is currently no fix for this, and you can progress no further in the quest.


  1. Talk to any Polish lord and ask him "Perhaps you can tell me of a way to help the Polish Commonwealth?" He will ask you to ally with Poland. (10+ relation with Poland needed)
  2. Agree, and find Colonel Zagloba.
  3. A lord you meet will tell you to give King Jan Kasimir a letter.
  4. When the King reads it, you will find out that the letter warns of a Swedish invasion. King Jan Kasimir will force you to capture a Swedish lord. After handing him to the King, he will pay you a week later.
  5. Now the King will tell you to stop Swedish bandits from looting Chenstokhova.
  6. The King will then tell you to take back Warsaw, which has probably already been conquered by a quest-related Swedish Army. To make this easier, the king will give you a letter that when you show to other Polish lords, they will join you to make something similar to a campaign. After this, the King will make you a minor lord and grant you a very poor village.
  7. To continue, ask the King for another special mission. He will ask you to take another Swedish lord prisoner. Take him and give him to your King.
  8. After a week or so, the King will ask you to stage a coup, by replacing Khan Islam Giray with Mehmed Giray, so that the Crimean Khanate will support Poland.
  9. After leaving the King's service. Find Mehmed Giray and become his vassal. Then start devastating the Crimean Khanate and conquer it.
  10. After this remind Mehmed (if not found , wait 1-2 weeks) of his agreement. Mehmed will tell you to conquer 2 cities of the Muscovite Tsardom. Now he will give you a letter for the King of Poland. Crimea and Poland will now form an alliance.
  11. Talk to the king and ask to be his lord again. The king will decline, with politics as an excuse. You now have to restore your reputation with the lords. Zagloba will tell you to win support of 3 popular gentry men.
  12. Do quests for those three (Zagloba can offer help on each of these 3 quests). Now the king will be forced to accept you as a lord. He will give you a village, but you will have to conquer the town he promises you.
  13. Now you can go to the King to demand the title of marshal. He says that it is an elected position, so you will have to win the lords' support.
  14. Talk to Zagloba. He'll tell you to talk to all of them. Talk to them, and click the option that says "Zagloba is supporting me". The lord will say "Well that changes things" and will vote for you. After you're confident, go to the King and click "start the elections". As long as you talk to more than half of the lords, you will easily become marshal.
  15. The next special mission is from the King and he'll tell you to conquer some cities.
  16. Then he'll tell you to capture the Tsar, Zagloba will tell you to talk to the three lords who supported you. With all three of them, your chance to capture the Tsar will be 100%.
  17. Soon, Zagloba will suddenly want to become King. You can agree to join him or disagree. If you join him, you'll need to conquer Poland. If disagree, you'll need to tell King Jan Kasimir and he'll demand proof. Talk to any lord and he'll tell you that Zagloba is making a royal decree. Ask Zagloba for it and he'll fight you. If you win take Zagloba to the King.
  18. If Zagloba loses, the King will have a plan to buy German mercenaries to kill the rebels and to get rid of democracy. If you agree, the king and you will die soon. If you don't, the King will make you a commoner again, and you will have to fight 7 German armies. If you win, Zagloba will find you and ask you to join the rebellion again. If you disagree, the quest will finish, if you agree, the quest will continue.
  19. Now you are a Polish Rebel. If you manage to convince three-quarters of the lords to join you before a certain time, you will have the option to demand Jan Kasimir's abdication. When you do this, the King will call his guards and you will have to fight them. If you lose, you'll be captured, but if you win, he abdicates and leaves the faction.
  20. Talk to Zagloba and he'll make you King.
  21. Conquer all the other factions. A short time after doing this, an assassin will kill you.


  • The Deluge caused more destruction to Poland than World War II.
  • The Polish Commonwealth lost 40% of its population during the Deluge.
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