Tevarin Castle

Tevarin Castle

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Tevarin Castle is a castle belonging to the Kingdom of Swadia. It is featured in both Mount&Blade and Warband.


Tevarin Castle lies southwest of Uxkhal at the base of the mountain pass that connects to the steppelands of the Khergit Khanate.

Its village is Iyindah which is to the north, next to Uxkhal.


Tevarin Castle lies northwest of Praven. It is on the very tip of the coastal outcropping of Swadia’s west side, overlooking the encompassing ocean. It is the westernmost castle on the map.

Its village is Balanli which is nearby to the southwest.


Besieging Tevarin Castle requires the construction of Siege Ladders, needing 2 hours of preparation with 10 Engineer.

Laying siege to Tevarin Castle can be scary at times as the field you need to cross to get to the ladder faces a long wall which will inevitably be filled with crossbowmen, putting you under constant crossbow fire just like with Praven.

However the castle is on a down slope right to left. So any besieger who manages to stay out of range of the arrows and moves far right instead, will go up hill. Since the castle itself is on a down slope, the uphill defender can now rain arrows down or front on to the defenders negating the advantage of the height or walls they could have. Clear one wall frame, between battlements at a time, all the while hugging the wall to reach the ladders. You lose almost no men that way if you are archer or crossbow heavy.

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