Sword of Damocles is a Mod that introduces an extensive faction, ruling and management system. It introduces new mercenaries, a new faction, over 600 new items, and 100+ new troop types, as well as a completely redone map.

Lead Intro from SiteEdit

Sword of Damocles is most complex and advanced kingdom management mod. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it also tries to simulate kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking economy and adding new buildings. It also allows you to choose your faith which heavily influence your kingdom, allow you to build religious structures and eventually if you spread your faith ardently enough to upgrade your elite troops to unmatched holy warriors.


  • Major Kingdom management additions.
  • Large scale invasion on a timer.
  • Numerous troop additions
  • 6 New factions:
    • Antarian Empire - Proud aristocratic country, army focused on heavy armored foot melee, its lords are Paladins.
    • Republic of Marina - Trade faction basing its army on mercenaries, foot based mixed army, excellent at sieges, its lords are Condottieri.
    • Kingdom of Aden - Feudal country with strong cavalry traditions, its lords are Magnates.
    • Villianese Duchy - Idyllic clan based realm with skilled foot melee soldiers and unmatched archers, its lords are High Chiefs.
    • Zerrikanian Sultanate - Proud nation with strong cavalry tradition, similar to Khergits in some ways, its lords are High Dvors.
    • Imperial Legion - Faction with good infantry and excellent cavalry, its lords are Centurions.
  • Secondary exploration map (not traversable)
  • 6 Mercenary groups
  • Graduated Ransoms

Detached RegimentsEdit

Troops in your party can be split off into their own map unit and assigned independent tasks ranging from just following you to patrolling areas. Unlike AI lords, the regiment tends to perform as ordered until retrieved or defeated. One side benefit to this system is increased party map speed (since some of your troops are in the regiment). A drawback is that each party may be defeated independently, a possibility made more likely by the smaller party sizes.

Bandit ProgressionEdit

Bandits in Sword of Damocles upgrade into more specialized versions. With very reasonable wages they fill out garrisons and armies very cost effectively.

Melee Ranged
Cutthroat Brigand
Thug Reaver

Badboy RateEdit

In this mod you can get badboy points for conquering and converting people into your faith. The more badboy points you have the more other factions will hate you. Your badboy rating will decrease every week and could be decreased even more by building universities in your towns.

Official SiteEdit

Last Known Version: Gold v5.0

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