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Faction map of bannerlord1
Sturgia (in blue)
Faction Information
Ruler Prince Raganvad
Claimant Unknown
Minor Factions Skolderbroda
Sons of the Forest

The Sturgians are a northern faction in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. They are traders and adventurers from the far north.

They occupy the area of the Nords, the Nords originally came from Nordland, not Calradia. Due to this fact Strugia essentially acts as a place holder for the Nord .They could also be the ancestors of the Kingdom of Vaegirs due to thier appearance though they lack the Vaigirs excellent archers. They have excellent heavy infantry using the shield wall formation.

It has been stated that Sturgian's have a violent and warlike mentality.

They have two known minor factions the sons of the forest and the Skolderbroda

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