Stolen territory is territory owned by one faction, but another claims as their own.

It causes the kings to snarl and bicker over ownership, this is mostly hidden from the player and isn't a huge factor to the gameplay. However, recovering lost territory is the most common reason a kingdom starts a war with another kingdom.

For example, Curaw is owned by the Kingdom of Vaegirs but claimed by the Khergit Khanate.

Declared war to regain lost territory

The Kingdom of Swadia declared war to regain lost territory.

Fortifications are claimed by factions as rightfully theirs if one of these factors apply:

  • they were the prior owners
  • belonged to them at game start

Each factor increases the likelihood of war and the likelihood of the fortification being targeted by a military campaign.

Sometimes there are border incidents in claimed villages, where local notables say they have been mistreated by their overlords and petition the original or last owners for protection. The petitioned faction considers this a provocation and can declare war because of it.

Border Incident

Border Incident

Conflict List in WarbandEdit

In Warband, there are prior owner claims at game start:

Gamestart Owning Faction Territory Claiming Faction
Khergit Khanate Uhhun Castle Sarranid Sultanate
Khergit Khanate Unuzdaq Castle Kingdom of Swadia
Kingdom of Nords Alburq Castle Kingdom of Vaegirs
Kingdom of Rhodoks Ergellon Castle Kingdom of Swadia
Kingdom of Swadia Kelredan Castle Kingdom of Nords
Kingdom of Vaegirs Curaw Khergit Khanate
Sarranid Sultanate Weyyah Castle Kingdom of Rhodoks

NOTE: a comment in the source suggests Tilbaut Castle was supposed to be held by the Kingdom of Vaegirs and claimed by the Kingdom of Swadia.

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