A Steppe Charger.

Steppe Chargers are a new type of horse introduced in Warband.

Although having less hit points and armor then the Swadian Charger and Sarranian War Horse, they are more durable and more maneuverable than most horses, like Hunters, Steppe Horses, and Coursers. It is also the third most expensive horse next to the Charger and Sarranian War Horse. They're used by Vaegir Knights and Khergit Lancers.

It is far easier to use than any other heavy horse thanks to its high maneuver, making it ideal for engaging infantry closely.

This horse can be purchased in any of the towns initially owned by the Khergit Khanate or the Kingdom of Vaegirs. As Khergit Lancers can occasionally be found as deserters, Steppe chargers are one of the two armored horses that can be found as loot without fighting a lord's or king's war party.


Horse Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
Steppe Charger
40 40 50 28 150 4 1400

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