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Mount&Blade 1.011
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Star Wars Conquest is a module for Mount&Blade (1.011) which converts the Calradian world into the setting of Star Wars.

Star Wars Conquest was made by a group known as the SWC Dev Team.


The game lets the player live during the period of the Galactic Civil War, starting in 1ABY. The Jedi remaining are few, and the criminals prosper while the Empire and the Rebellion fight the one another across the galaxy. The Hutt Cartel is also a potential enemy for the Empire and the Rebels. The Second Deathstar is under construction, but already operative, and both pirates and deserters aren't difficult to find.

The game features the Star Wars galaxy in a main campaign map. The player is able to choose his/her race, abilities, and enter the world allied to any of the main factions, or remain independent. Once started, the character can move freely around the galaxy, visiting any of the Star Wars planets, such as Geonosis or Yavin IV.

The mod includes a great number of active characters, who move throughout the galaxy besieging, defending, raiding or holding each of the locations. These individuals (commanders, bounty hunters, Sith, etc.) might ally or engage the player's character, who can even get missions from them.

Customization ElementsEdit

The game lets the player customize its character by buying armor, weapons, speeders, and other gadgets. The player can visit the merchants around the galaxy and find items from vibroswords to thermal detonators. The loot option is in as well, which lets you recover items from the fallen units after battle.

Star Wars Conquest also features a series of shipyards, where the character can buy some of the existent ships, depending on the amount of credits they have. These locations, settled above some planets like Kuat or Fondor, let you apply for a loan, and offer different ships depending on the station's tradition. In Corellia for example, the player might be able to find a Corellian gunship.

Apart from these, the character can also gather their own crew or army, and choose their own banner and culture. If the player manages to conquer any of the planets, they might be able to found a new faction, which they can name and rule.

The player can encounter famous characters from the Star Wars universe. It is possible to find items from the Clone Wars, and even some from the times of the Old Republic. In the game, the character can also get to build specific planetary upgrades, which lets them raise units different to the normal recruits.


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