Solid and Shade is a popular Mount&Blade version 1.011 horror mod.

The mod is very gory. Don't let the weak stomached or kids play this.


  • Undead
  • Zendar
  • Underworld
  • New NPCs
  • New backgrounds for players
  • Dismember Corpses
  • Rob graves
  • Horror-themed music
  • Permanent death for the player


Hint And More InformationEdit

Do not talk to the Blood Fountain if you have the Infinity Stone if you fear for your life!

-Zendar is included in the mod, but it's renamed to Old Zendar. And no one is there except The Blood Fountain, Rasputin and The Raven. No one is in Zendar, If you go there, there will only be a pile of human skeletons and the 3 mentioned charactes (Rasputin, The Blood Fountain and The Raven) According to The Blood Fountain the reason of the human corpses is because they chose the Life option rather than the Death option. According to Ramun he said he escaped with his life, which may mean the reason of human corpses was a much more gruesome reason

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