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Snechko is a village of the Polish Commonwealth.

Territory of the Polish Commonwealth

Krakov Lviv Smolensk Warsaw Vilna


Bar Fortress Berestye Fortress Dubensk Castle Kovno Fortress Lida Castle Lodz Castle Lublin Minsk Myadzelsk Castle Polotsk Slutsk Zbarazh Fortress


Amere Babice Baranovichi Chenstokhova Dobrush Ilyintsy Krivichi Ludinovo Molodechno Nesvizh Ostroleka Ostrovets Ovruch Plotsk Ponyri Radzilow Rudnya Sambir Slavuta Snechko Sofronovo Solechniki Staronowice Stryi Trakai Vendau Vydzy Wadowice Widawa Yartzy Zamoshye

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