Shogun is a mod for Warband.

This mod is about the Sengoku Period in Japan (one of the biggest civil wars in Japan).


As of Shogun Mod for Warband Version 1.143 (Unknown if it works for v1.158)

  • New weapons like Katana, Wakizashi, Yari (spear), Yumi (bows), new arrows, No-Dachi (long swords), Otsuchi (warhammer), Kanabo (club), Kama/Ono (axe), new fire weapons and many more.
  • New armors with the choice to have heraldric flags on them or not (same price).
  • New ground textures
  • Map of Japan to replace Calradia
  • New map icons
  • a lot of new scripts (e.g. Ninja Script - if there is a situation, when one clan hate you, the leader of that clan will send ninja after you, and when you resting there is a big chance to be attacked by ninja)
  • ~70 new horses with new textures
  • Seppuku (suicide) cut-scene
  • 36 cities, 59 castles and 120 villages, everything with original Japanese names
  • 13 samurai clans with real samurai leaders and lords with real Japanese names. Includes clan of Ainu People on the north; Hokkaido Island
  • Includes fire arrows
  • New buildings with new textures
  • New music, sounds and interface


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