Seymen (veteran)


Crimean Khanate
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Prisoners or Seymen (upgrade)
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The Seymen (veteran) is a infantry marksman of the Crimean Khanate.

Armed with a musket.


Like the Janissary, Seymen work best in firing lines and may benefit from mixing in archers to provide suppressing fire. They should be accompanied by others, as a cavalry charge (as with any other unit without a spear) could be an expensive loss of decent soldiers.

They wear decent armour and helmets, and are therefore formidable foes. They are good shooters, but lack in closer range. They are most effective in a firing line with archers to add suppressing fire.

Troops of the Crimean Khanate
NomadBajrak Kapikulu
Oglan AzapJasaq Seymen Janissary
Cebelu Nogai Circassian Nokhor Mirza Chambul Asak Bey

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