Save Town from Bandits

Looter Small

Given by
Quest Merchant
Time limit
100-200 denars
Refresh rate

This is the fourth and final quest given by the Quest Merchant.

You will be offered this quest with the promise of 100 denars after you have completed Attack the bandit lair.

As soon as you accept the quest, you will be placed in the town's streets along with a large number of lightly armed civilians and a few town guards. At the merchant's signal, everyone will go on the offensive against scattered Looters. After all of the enemies have been defeated, you will return to the merchant's house to review the battle.

Depending on how well you did will vary the reward. If you contributed little, you will get only the 100 denars initially promised. If you did quite well, you can receive a doubled reward of 200 denars instead.

Once you've been paid, the merchant goes to see the king. You can meet up with the merchant one last time in the tavern, unfortunately, the events do not go over well and the merchant has been exiled. He will disappear from the game when you leave the tavern.

Quest lineEdit

  1. Collect five men
  2. Learn where the hostages are held
  3. Attack the bandit lair
  4. Save town from bandits

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