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The banner of Russia.

Russia, or Rossiyskaya Imperiya, is a faction in the Mount&Blade: Warband downloadable content, Napoleonic Wars.


Ever since the Muscovite Tsardom transformed into the Russian Empire, expansionist ambitions has formed her foreign policy. Having successfully contested Sweden, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire for lands, St. Petersburg has now reached another level of ambition. The young Russian monarch, Alexander I, cares little for the new lands. His ambitions are much higher than that - to defeat Napoleon himself and “save Europe” from French tyranny.

Russian armies have marched against Napoleon twice, and both times they were repelled with heavy casualties on both sides. The third clash, which is about to come in 1812, will be completely different. Belorussian forests and endless Russian steppes are quite different from the fields of Europe with their well-developed road networks and numerous villages. And the Russian peasant will not allow himself to be exploited by an enemy army - instead he will rather grab his axe and escape to the nearest forest. With the forest behind them filled with partisans, and the Russian army endlessly retreating in front of them, the French can look forward to a truly unique experience...



  • Partizani - Partisan Irregulars
  • Sankt-Peterburzhskoye Opolcheniye - Line Militia
  • Simbirsky Pehotniy Polk - Line Infantry
  • Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy Polk - Line Infantry
  • Leib-Gvardii Preobrazhenskiy Polk - Foot Guard
  • 21-y Yegerskiy Polk - Rifleman


  • Sumskoy Gusarskiy Polk - Hussar
  • Litovskiy Ulanskiy Polk - Lancer
  • Donskoy Kazachiy Polk - Lancer
  • Kievskiy Dragunskiy Polk - Dragoon
  • Kavalergardskiy Polk - Cuirassier


  • 8-ya Batarejnaya Rota - Artillery
  • Saper - Engineer
  • Feldmarshal Mikhail Kutuzov - Commander

Battle CriesEdit

Regular Rank SoldiersEdit

  • "Ура"! (urah) - Hooray
  • "Славься Отечество!" (Slavsya Otechestvo) - Glory to the Fatherland
  • "Пуля - дура, штык - молодец!" (Pulya - dura, shtick - molodets) - Bullet is stupid, bayonet is good (literal).
  • "Бей басурман!" (Bey basurman) - Kill infidels!
  • "Воруй! Убивай!" (Voruy! Ubevay!) - Steal! Kill!


  • "Я сдаюсь!" (Ya zdoyus') - I give up!
  • "Помилуйте!" (Pomiluyte) - Spare me!
  • "Пощадите!" (Poshadite) - Show mercy!
  • "Не стреляйте!" (Ne strelyayte) - Don't shoot!

Officer CommandsEdit

  • “Товсь!” (Tovs) - Make ready!
  • “Кладсь!” (Klads) - Make ready!
  • “Пли!” (Plee) - Fire!
  • “Марш-марш! В атаку (в штыки)!” (Marsh-marsh! V ataku (v shtiki)) March into attack (or bayonet)
  • “В атаку!” (V ataku) - Attack!
  • “В штыки! Ура!” (V shtiki! Urah!) - Attack, hurray!
  • "Батальон! Вперед марш!" (Batalyon! Vperod, marsh!) - Battalion, forward march!
  • ”Батальон! Марш!” (Batalyon, marsh!) - Battalion, march!
  • ”Вперед шагом марш!” (Vperod shagom marsh!) - Forward quick march!
  • Держать позицию! (Derzhat' pozitsiyu) - Hold position.
  • Стрелять по готовности! (Strelyat po gotovnocti) - Shoot when ready!
  • “За мной!” (Za mnoy) - With me!
  • “Солдаты, за мной!” (Soldati, za mnoy!) - Soldiers, with me!
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