At any moment in the game, you can give up adventuring and go back to a safer life. You just need to camp and choose the retire from game option.

As soon as you "throw in the towel", so to speak, the game will calculate your 'Score' based on your performance in Calradia. Tales about your retirement life and your portrait will be shown with your score. You can choose to 'Remain in retirement' or cancel it and get back to business.

Score calculation factors Edit

Factor Effect
Your towns 100 points per town
Your castles 50 points per castle
Your villages 20 points per village
Friendly towns (relation >= 40) 20 points per town
Friendly villages (relation >= 40) 4 points per village
Enemy towns (relation <= -40) -40 points per town
Enemy villages (relation <= -40) -8 points per village
Wealth 1 point per 200 denars
Inventory value
Household, Town, and Castle
storages not included
1 point per 200 denars
Renown 1 point per renown
Friends (relation >= 40) 10 points per friend
Enemies (relation <= -40) -10 points per enemy
Days spent -1 point per day
Victories 2 points per victory
Defeats -3 points per defeat
Quests completed 4 points per quest
Experience 1 point per 5000 experience
Heroes found 2 points per hero
Heroes left the party -4 points per hero
Final bonus/penalty factor
finalscore = score * difficulty / 75 * difficulty / 75

Using 'Force save' option will not give any bonus.

Your retirement life Edit

Your life post-adventuring will be shown as soon as you choose the retire option. This can be read BEFORE actually choosing between real retirement or rejoining the game, so you don't have to risk losing your saved data.

Life as a commoner : Score ?-1849 Edit

?-99BeggarOnly too late do you realise that your money won't last. It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save, and you fare poorly in several desperate attempts to start adventuring again. You end up a beggar in (town), living on alms and the charity of the church.
100-199ThiefOnly too late do you realise that your money won't last. It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save. Once every denar has evaporated in your hands you are forced to start a life of crime in the backstreets of (town), using your skills to eke out a living robbing coppers from women and poor townsmen.
200-399DrifterOnly too late do you realise that your money won't last. It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save, and you end up a penniless drifter, going from tavern to tavern blagging drinks from indulgent patrons by regaling them with war stories that no one ever believes.
400-699Free farmerThe silver you've saved doesn't last long, but you manage to put together enough to buy some land near the village of (village). There you become a free farmer, and you soon begin to attract potential wives/husbands. In time the villagers come to treat you as their local hero. You always receive a place of honour at feasts, and your exploits are told and retold in the pubs and taverns so that the children may keep a memory of you for ever and ever.
700-1199Tavern keeperThe silver you've saved doesn't last long, but it's enough to buy a small tavern in (town). Although the locals are wary of you at first, they soon accept you into their midst. In time your growing tavern becomes a popular feasthall and meeting place. People come for miles to eat or stay there due to your sheer renown and the epic stories you tell of your adventuring days.
1200-1849TraderYou've saved wisely throughout your career, and now your silver and your intelligence allow you to make some excellent investments to cement your future. After buying several shops and warehouses in (town), your shrewdness turns you into one of the most prominent merchants in town, and you soon become a wealthy man/woman known as much for your trading empire as your exploits in battle.

Life as a noble : Score 1850-? Edit

1850-2499Minor nobleAs a landed noble, however minor, your future is all but assured. You settle in your holdfast at (village), administrating the village and fields, adjudicating the local courts and fulfilling your obligations to your liege lord. Occasionally your liege calls you to muster and command in his campaigns, but these stints are brief, and you never truly return to the adventuring of your younger days. You have already made your fortune. With your own hall and holdings, you've few wants that your personal wealth and the income of your lands cannot afford you.
2500-3499Powerful nobleThere is no question that you've done very well for yourself. Your extensive holdings and adventuring wealth are enough to guarantee you a rich and easy life for the rest of your days. Retiring to your noble seat in (castle), you exchange adventure for politics, and you soon establish yourself as a considerable power in your liege lord's kingdom. With intrigue to busy yourself with, your own forests to hunt, a hall to feast in and a hundred fine war stories to tell, you have little trouble making the best of the years that follow.
3500-4999Major nobleAs a reward for your competent and loyal service, your liege lord decrees that you be given a hereditary title, joining the major nobility of the realm. Soon you complete your investitute as baron of (village), and you become one of your liege's close advisors and adjutants. Your renown garners you much subtle pull and influence as well as overt political power. Now you spend your days playing the games of power, administering your great fiefs, and recounting the old times of adventure and glory.
5000-?Liege's right handThough you started from humble beginnings, your liege lord holds you in high esteem, and a ripple of shock passes through the realm when he names you to the hereditary title of count/countess of (town). Vast fiefs and fortunes are now yours to rule. You quickly become your liege's most trusted advisor, almost his equal and charged with much of the running of his realm, and you sit a throne in your own splendourous palace as one of the most powerful figures in Calradia.

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