Rescue Kidnapped Girl
Given by
Guild Master
Time limit
+2 relation, Denars
Refresh rate
30 days

Rescue Kidnapped Girl is a quest in Warband. You are given a small sum of denars by a town's Guild Master and are told to find a group of bandits that have kidnapped a citizen's daughter.

The bandits will be a party called "Bandits Awaiting Ransom" consisting of 24-58 bandits, plus the girl as their prisoner.

Once there, you have two possible courses of action. You may speak to the bandits, give them the money, and pick up the girl that they release. Alternatively, you can ask them to hand the girl over first before paying, which will intiate a battle sequence. Winning the battle will allow you to keep the ransom money, but you will need to have a force large enough to ensure victory.

You may also initially pay the ransom, and once the girl is in your hands, attack the bandits afterwards (telling them to give you your money back). However, upon defeating the bandits, you will simply get a generic payout based on the number of enemies there was.

Either way, with the girl under your custody, you then escort her back to the town from which the quest was received in and are given your rewards, including a reputation increase with the town.

The bandits are unique troops not normally encountered outside of scripted scenarios, who if captured, recruited, and trained, can be promoted into the Brigand, a unit never seen in game except through using this strategy.

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