Your Relationship towards a vassal, faction, town, or village exhibits how much they trust or like you. Supporting them usually improves your relationship with them, while fighting or disappointing them harms it.

While your character's relationship to factions and towns/villages always starts at 0, vassals can start with a better or worse impression on you, based on their personalities. Relation can range from -100 to +100. Note that once your Relationship with a vassal reaches +100, it sometimes doesn't deteriorate as it usually would. For example, a vassal with a relationship of +100 toward you may not mind if you give other vassals fiefs.

Relationship affects your interactions with other vassals, and becomes very important if you start your own Kingdom. A very positive relationship with a vassal, for example, will allow you to talk in private with any vassal, giving you a chance to convert them to your kingdom. A very negative one, on the other hand, could cause them to hire assassins.

Having a positive relationship with a married lady will allow you to ask them to improve your relationship with a vassal of the faction who currently has a negative relation with you by sending them gifts of 1000-3000 denars, boosting your relationship with them by +1 per 1000 denars.

If you have any negative relationship with factions, you will be at war with them, and they may attack you at any time.

A negative relationship with a village will prevent you from recruiting there, while a very positive one increases the possible number of recruits gained, as well as their tier.

Negative relationship with a town or its lord prevents you from buying land for a Productive Enterprise, while positive relationship improves prices, as well as the city's population initially assisting you when attempting to break into the town's prison.

There are several other parties you can increase your relationship with, including Tavern Keepers and Manhunters, but this has no noticeable impact on the game.

Relationship with Vassals Edit

The following actions will improve or harm your relationship with vassals. Note that some actions may have different results, depending on the vassal's personality.

Action Result
Being honorable (3 points of honor add 1 relationship with honorable lords) +?
Rushing to their aid in battle (depending on how many units they and their opponent have remaining) +0-12
Giving them a fief +10
Give Kingdom Provocation to Attack Another quest +10
Freeing a captured vassal +2
Meeting a vassal again after allowing them to go free +0-5
Allowing them to go free instead of capturing them +5
Appoint as Marshall +5
Follow spy quest +5
Lend surgeon quest +5
Destroy bandit lair quest +4
Train troops quest +4
Lend companion quest +3
Collect taxes quest +3
Hunt down fugitive quest +2
Rescue/Ransom a prisoner +?
Denounce Lord quest +?
Bring back runaway serfs quest +?
Capture enemy lord quest +?
Capture prisoners quest +?
Kill merchant quest +?
Meet spy quest +3
Collect debt from lord quest +?
Incriminate commander quest +?
Deliver message to friendly lord quest +?
Escort lady to town quest +?
Collect debt from lord -?
Being attacked by you (only up to -10) -1
While your vassal, being defeated in combat -1
Rushing to their (unneeded) aid in battle -0-2
While your vassal, giving another vassal a fief -2
Being captured by you -3
Attack villagers belonging to their village -3
Decline ransom for captured lord -4
Raze one of their villages -6
Meeting a vassal after letting them go free -15
Attack a vassal while you or your faction is not at war with him -30

Relationship with LadiesEdit

Duel for lady - Accept quest +3
Duel for lady - Reject quest -1
Duel for lady - Fail quest +6
Duel for lady - Complete quest +10
Escort lady +2
Rescue prisoner lord +8
Release lady without ransom after capturing a castle or town +1
Demand ransom for a lady after capturing a castle or town -...

Relationship with Factions Edit

Action Result
Protect villagers on the overland map +4
Rushing to the aid of a vassal in danger +4
Release a faction's imprisoned lord from a castle or town +2
Attacking a vassal -1
Capturing a vassal -3
Attack one of their vassals -3
Reject peace offer as king -5
Attack their caravan -5

Relationship with Villages Edit

Action Result
Train Peasants quest +3-11
Deliver Grain quest +10
Deliver Cattle quest +8
Clearing Bandit Infestation +4-8
Let Runaway Serfs go +1
Helping a poor peasant +1
Kill fugitive -1
Force runaway serfs back to village -1
Force peasants to give you supplies -3

Relationship with TownsEdit

Action Result
Persuade lords to make peace quest +5-8
Track Down Bandits quest +2
Deal with troublesome bandits quest +2
Give 1000 denars to the tavern keeper +1
Help poor townsman +1
Escort Merchant Caravan quest +1
Deliver Wine quest +1
Win a tournament +1
Move Cattle quest +1
Rescue kidnapped girl quest +?
Deal with Looters quest +?
Deal with night bandits +?
Collect taxes quest (from noble) -1
Attack villagers from a village near the town -3