Raw Silk

Raw Silk

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Raw Silk is a non-consumable trade good. It is used by a velvet weavery and dyeworks along with dyes to produce velvet.

Silk can be bought at Rivacheg for around 230 denars, or as low as 130 denars in the surrounding villages, depending on the player's trade skill. This means it is extremely profitable to buy silk from these areas and sell it for up to 700 denars in Khergit or Sarranid lands.

If you own a Velvet Weavery and Dyeworks you can give the raw silk to your master dyer to cut down on the weekly cost of owning the business.

In With Fire & Sword, silk can be bought for under 500 thalers at towns and villages, and sold at fortresses for amounts ranging from 600 to over 1,000.

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