Ramun, upstairs in the Tihr tavern.

Ramun the Slave Trader is dealer in galley slaves. When first approached, the player assumes he is a trader, but wonders where his merchandise is. After dropping a few hints, it is made clear that he sells prisoners to ship captains to serve as oarsmen.

Ramun performs a similar function to the Ransom brokers, except he almost always resides at Tihr. If not on ground level, he probably is upstairs. He also can occasionally be found in Yalen. He buys prisoners like other ransom brokers, but also instructs the player how to efficiently capture prisoners.

Ramun buys all prisoners with a fixed value of 50 denars, meaning that the player can get more money for bottom tier units like Farmers and Bandits, but will sacrifice profits on any unit starting from tier 2 (with the exception of Camp Follower), being completely wasteful for elite units such as Swadian Knights or Nord Huscarls.

In With Fire & Sword, Ramun resides at Reval. He buys at a much higher price than other ransom brokers, buying even mere bandits for often more than 150 thalers, however he actually pays one-tenth the listed price, this is probably a bug.

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