Raid caravan


Given by
Time limit
30 days
Relation +10, 2000 exp, 500 denars, -5 honor
Refresh rate
100 days

Raid caravan is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction.

A lord is unhappy with the peace between his faction and another faction it is not currently at war with and wants you to provoke them by attacking their caravans and leaving behind evidence to lead them back to the quest giver's faction. The lord claims that he cannot do this himself as rival lords are already looking for an excuse to oppose him, but reasons that you would be able to get away with it.

Upon speaking to a caravan from the designated kingdom, you have a new option: "You are trespassing in the territory of the Kingdom of (quest giver's faction). I'm confiscating this caravan and all it's goods!", which you must choose if you wish to complete the quest.

Caravans are slow-moving targets and fairly easy to take down with an adequate force. They emerge from towns regularly and follow a predictable course. You can keep the loot from the defeated caravans and might want to count this as part of your reward, as the actual 500 denar reward is fairly meager. This quest can also earn you some bad reputation with other lords in the faction. Provoking another faction to war will result in a loss of both relation with them and honor.

Note that you fulfill the quest even if you are defeated by the caravan troops, or even leave without fighting. Furthermore, remember that you will still lose Relation with the faction the attacked caravan belongs to, so you may end up at war with them yourself.

This quest takes 100 days before it will be available again.

This quest can be bugged; if you finish this quest for a vassal, and ask for another task, he may give you the same quest for another kingdom, however you will not get the special option when attacking a caravan, and attacking it normally will not finish the quest.

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