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Quick Battles are Battles in Mount&Blade Classic that you can play without making a character. You play as a lord with a certain amount of troops. One of these is a siege defense with the Vaegir Lady Xerina (Note: she's not an actual character for the Vaegirs, but the game does use Vaegir troops for her army). Next is the siege offense with Nordic Lord Haeda which is an actual character. Another two follow Lord Haringoth and Lord Grainwad fighting bandits. The last is Grainwad in his struggle against a Vaegir army. All of them are rather large battles. On Normal difficulty, they could become very difficult to win.


  • Xerina returns in Warband as a tournament competitor.
  • Winning in Lady Xerina's siege defense has never been documented thus far.
  • Count Haringoth seems to age between the two games; in Classic, he is a bright ginger. In Warband, he appears a bit grey.

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