Prussia banner

The banner of Prussia.

Prussia, or Königreich Preußen, is a faction in the Mount&Blade: Warband downloadable content, Napoleonic Wars.


The glory and power of Prussia is a thing of the past, not the present. In 1812 the once mighty Prussia has been conquered and is now, forcibly, allied to the French. The military catastrophe of 1806 was a bitter lesson for the Prussian military, and the Prussian state overall, but a bitter lesson is still a lesson. Prussia learned from it and is now ready to once again rise to glory and power.

The Prussian commitment to the campaign in Russia is half-hearted at most. Instead she is sharpening her swords, ready to rise against the French invader, should Napoleon’s army lose its war in Russia. Gone are the slow and uninspired troops of 1806, replaced by a newly reformed army, supplemented with Landwehr, Prussian militia, fighting for their homes, families and country. The success of France has lasted for too long and her generals have become too self-confident and proud. Now it is Prussia’s time to return the favour from 1806 and teach the French a lesson they will remember for a long time.



  • 8. Brandenburgische Infanterie-Regiment - Line Infantry
  • 23. Rheinische Infanterie-Regiment - Line Infantry
  • 3. Kumarkische Landwehr-Regiment - Line Infantry
  • Lutzowsches Freikorps - Line Infantry
  • 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuss - Foot Guard
  • Schlesische Schützen - Rifleman


  • 6. Neumarkische Dragoner - Dragoon
  • 1. Leib-Husaren-Regiment (Totenkopfhusaren) - Hussar
  • Westfalische Landwehrkavallerie - Lancer
  • 3. Brandenburgische Kurassier Regiment - Heavy Cavalry


  • 36. Regiment der Fussartillerie - Artillery
  • 4. Mansfelder Pionierskorps - Engineer
  • Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher - Commander
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