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Praven is a town and the capital city of the Kingdom of Swadia and is initially owned by the Swadian ruler, King Harlaus.



Its villages are Burglen, Tosdhar, and Yaragar.


The town is situated at the far west of the Kingdom of Swadia bordering the sea, it is relatively secure from direct attack by opposing factions because it is blocked from both the Nords to the north and Rhodoks in the south by mountain ranges.

Its villages are Azgad, Elberl, Gisim, and Veidar.


Besieging Praven requires the construction of Siege Ladders.

Praven is unique in sieges in that when you assault the walls, you and your army's starting position will be on a beach, and will have to advance up a large path to the ladders, and through all this time under constant crossbow fire.

Defending the city can be a challenge, because the breach made by the besiegers is much wider than that of other towns. This makes defenders vulnerable to ranged enemies, since their main advantage of a narrow, protected choke point is reduced.

With the patch 1.131, there is a mountain inside the city, allowing you to walk up and over the walls. Units tend to appear underground as well, and many of the buildings appear to float and can be walked through. The besieging forces won't advance normally. If you are leading the assault, you will have to order your troops to follow you or they will not mount the wall. They cannot follow you over the mountain passage.


If you take part in a Tournament in Praven, you will always be given the following set of equipment:

  • Lance & Shield

All participants are on horses.

This tournament is one of the most predictible, and possibly one of the easiest if one knows how to use a lance on horseback. Couching is not recommended, due to this arena's constrained space.


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Guild Master location.

Ale can be bought cheaply here for about 60-100 denars though it may even go as low as 10 on rare occasions. Flax can be bought here for under 80 denars, and sold in nearby Suno for over 120 denars.

Praven produces:

The Guild Master in Praven can be located by turning left after selecting 'Take a walk around the streets' and walking to the castle. However, it is much easier to go to the castle, then exit via the door instead of the tab key, at which point the Guild Master is directly in front of the player.

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