Polearm/Two-handed weapons can be switched between two styles, giving different stats depending on which is chosen. There is a minor difference in reach between each mode due to the different ways that the player model holds the weapon, though no statistical difference is seen. Using one of these weapons allows the choice between attacking with thrusts or swinging from horseback.

List of Polearm/Two-handed weaponsEdit

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WeaponStrSpeedReachSwingThrustWeightBase ValueTrait
Great Long Axe
10Pole: 91
2H: 85
127Pole: 54c
2H: 54c
Pole: 19b
2H: -
5.5660No shield /
Bonus against shields
Rusty, Chipped, Heavy
Long Axe
10Pole: 93
2H: 88
120Pole: 46c
2H: 46c
Pole: 19b
2H: -
4.75390No shield /
Bonus against shields
Rusty, Chipped, Heavy
Long War Axe
10Pole: 92
2H: 87
125Pole: 50c
2H: 50c
Pole: 18b
2H: -
5.0510No shield /
Bonus against shields
Rusty, Chipped, Heavy

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