Scotland in relation to the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

Pictish is a culture in Viking Conquest. The Picts are some of the strongest and fiercest warriors in the North. Native to the Highlands of Scotland, the Picts have resisted invader after invader, making them a very strong force in Great Britian. Only the Goidels of Ireland could slightly damage the Picts and they were merged together and formed the only Pictish Kingdom in Scotland, the Kingdom of Alban, and formed Scuin as their capital.


The Picts are the strongest group of clans in the Highlands and shared Scotland with the Lowland Caledones. After the Roman invasion of Britian, the Caledones were willing to trade with the Romans but the Picts, who prevented the Romans to go further north, attacked the Romans whenever they tried trading. This caused the Romans to build Hadrian's Wall, to protect the Roman frontier and the trade. After the Romans left Britian, the Picts and Gaels invaded England, but were stopped by the Anglo-Saxon mercenaries. Once the Anglo-Saxons took over most of Great Britain, they turned their eyes to Scotland. Ready to resist the invaders, the Highland Kingdom of Alban and the Lowland Kingdom of Alt Clut (Strathclyde) pushed the Anglo-Saxons back and retained ownership of their lands.


Pictish Troop Tree


The Picts, like other the Gaels and Britons, were traditionally polytheistic following the old Celtic gods, but eventually were converted to Celtic Christianity.

Events in gameEdit

The Kingdom of Alban has small parts to play in the main storyline, but over all, has little purpose for the storyline. As the only Kingdom in the Highlands (save for a few forts in Laithlind's control) and with two big towns, the Kingdom of Alban is in a great place strategically.

Kingdom Capitals
Kingdom of Northvegr
Kingdom of Danmark
Kingdom of Northumbria
Kingdom of Laithlind
Dubh Linn

Troops Edit

Pictish Troop Tree
Tier 1 Pictish Peasant
Tier 2 Pictish Skirmisher Pictish Landowner
Tier 3 Pictish Veteran Skirmisher Pictish Spearman Pictish Axeman
Tier 4 Pictish Horseman Pictish Elite Skirmisher Standard Bearer Pictish Warrior Pictish Veteran
Tier 5 Pictish Noble Pictish Champion


Being the only Pictish Kingdom, the Kingdom of Alban may declare war often, especially with Northumbria.

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