Oksana Head
Born inPoltava
Found inA random town owned by a random faction except the player's faction and the Cossack Hetmanate (Pskov if no towns)
Hire cost300 thalers
LikesLiked by
DislikesDisliked by

Oksana is one of the Heroes in With Fire & Sword. She likes Colonel Zagloba, dislikes Victor De La Buscador and Karlsson, is liked by Ingri and Nogai, is disliked by Fatima, Fedot and Tepes, and disapproves of Kill local merchant, Bring back runaway serfs, robbing/raiding villages, failing quests and using the collected money of Collect debt from lord. You can hire her for 300 thalers. She is similar to Katrin of the previous games.


Oksana Full

"I am Oksana, a soothsayer. The arts of magic have been passed down through my family from times immemorial, from grandmother to granddaughter..."

"I can make love-potions, tell the future, and use sorcery to invoke fortune in battle. I am also good at soothsaying and healing horses."

"As for me, I come from Poltava. My life would have been all right, save for that unfortunate cattle plague last Autumn. The local priest had long nursed a grudge against me -- suspected that I was stealing his parish from him, or some such nonsense. Accused me of witchcraft, and said it was I who killed the cattle. That very night they tarred and burned my house. Thankfully, some kind souls warned me in time, and I escaped with my life."

Stats and equipmentEdit

Oksana - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Level 5
Strength 7
Agility 7
Intelligence 12
Charisma 12
Health 42
Body Armor
Female Dress
Village Boots
Skill Points
Ironflesh 0
Power Strike 1
Grenade Throwing 0
Power Draw 0
Weapon Master 0
Shield 0
Athletics 1
Riding 1
Shooting from Horseback 0
Looting 1
Trainer 0
Tracking 0
Tactics 0
Path-finding 2
Spotting 0
Inventory Management 0
Wound Treatment 2
Surgery 1
First Aid 1
Engineer 0
Persuasion 0
Prisoner Management 0
Leadership 2
Trade 0
Weapon Type Points
One Handed Weapons 40
Two Handed Weapons 40
Polearms 40
Archery 40
Firearms 40
Throwing 40
Melee Weapons
Carpenter Axe
Ranged Weapons
Sumpter Horse
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