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Musketeers (veteran) are the upgraded version of the Swedish Musketeer.

Tactics Edit

Like any other Ranged unit, they work well in firing lines. Under the fire at will command, a good number of Musketeers (50 or more) will provide a constant musket fire, preventing enemies from getting close. Musketeers can also be used as anti-cavalry for a short time. When a battle begins, arrange them in rows quickly and deploy them in a good position in the map, wait for the enemy cavalry to get close before giving them the order to open fire. While waiting for the enemy to get close, arrange your cavalry in attacking formation so that they can relieve the Marksmen when they get overrun by enemy troops.

During a siege, Musketeers will excel in shooting down defenders. Musketeers shouldn't be used to storm fortifications because they lack heavy armor and weaponry in melee combat. At the start of a siege, hold your other troops and let the Musketeers open fire in a safe distance in rows, let them empty all their bullets before deploying your other troops to attack.

Stats Edit

Musketeer (veteran)
Troops of the Kingdom of Sweden
Town MilitiamanMilitia PikemanMilitia Musketeer 
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SwordsmanLifeguardScottish MusketeerScottish PikemanScottish Swordsman
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