Militia Pikeman

Polish Militia Pikeman

Weekly Wages
1 thaler
Upgrades To...
Upgrade Cost
Exp For Kill
Ransom Value

Militia Pikemen are Polish Commonwealth and Kingdom of Sweden conscripts armed with Simple Lances or Pikes. The Russian version is the Lance Militiaman. The Cossack also have Militia Pikemen, the Poor Cossack Pikeman.


Militia Pikemen are much weaker than the simple Pikemen. They are acquired from Scythe Wielders, Town Militiamen, Staff Militiamen, Countrymen. Militia Pikemen are very cheap, but not efficient fighters, so they shouldn't be used too often. Letting them attack is not very effective, because they can be killed by a single bullet and it's not hard for the enemies to fight them in melee. As with other pikemen, they are best used protecting Musketeers against the enemies' cavalry.

Stats and equipmentEdit

Troops of the Polish Commonwealth
Scythe WielderMilitia PikemanMusket Militiaman 
Town CossackRank Cossack • Lithuanian Musketeer • Lithuanian Tatar
German Infantry PikemanGerman Infantry MusketeerScottish MusketeerScottish PikemanScottish SwordsmanLisowczyk
Polish ReiterArmored CossackWinged Hussar

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