Moscow Mayor

Mayors are a new feature for Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword, found within Towns. They are similar to Guild Masters.



Mayors can give you jobs and quests, which increase your reputation with the town. Some of these quests can help improve the prosperity of the town, which influences goods prices and taxes. A full quest list can be found on the quests page, but some of these jobs are:

  • Escort caravan
  • Bring (Drink) to tavern (Drink may consist of beer or wine)
  • Rescue kidnapped girl
  • Deal with looters (multiple small groups of nearby looters)
  • Hunt down bandits (find and kill a small, fast group of bandits)
  • Deal with troublesome bandits (kill a medium sized group of nearby bandits)
  • Bring cattle herd (to another town)
  • When a faction is at war, a city may want you to silence warmongers preventing peace within the warring factions, giving you many thalers for doing so.

Mayors also give you information about the politics of their faction, as well as informing you of the general prosperity of the town and surrounding areas.


New in With Fire & Sword, Mayors also issue trade permits and allow players to send merchant caravans. Trade permits are supposed to be waivers from taxes, which increases the amount of money you receive from caravans.

Fortress ImprovementsEdit

Mayors also permit rulers of a town to build structures and fill offices.


Structure Effect
Academy: Makes the town richer and allows you to train your hero's abilities.
Fortifications: Decreases the amount of attackers.
Water supply: Increases prosperity and lets a siege hold out for longer.
Armory: Adds some low-tier units to the garrison every week. Requires monthly maintenance cost.
Barracks: Adds some high-tier units to the garrison every week. Requires monthly maintenance cost.
Merchant guild: Allows you to loan and deposit money at the town centre, increases taxes and reduces prosperity.
Stables: Adds cavalry to the city every week. Requires monthly maintenance cost.
Treasury: Sends taxes from all fiefs to you, instead of collecting it at the town. Max 1 treasury.


Office Effect
Weapon Master Allows you to buy expensive but powerful weapons (it takes 14 days to make weapon).
Armor Master Allows you to buy expensive but strong armour (it takes 14 days to make armour).
Horse Master

Allows you to buy an expensive but strong and fast horse.

Messenger You can receive messages from other lords any time in your fief.
Watchman The population will be safer and relations will increase faster.
Tax Collector Allows you to gather taxes without being in your fief and reduces prosperity.
Merchant Increases prosperity, taxes gathered, and goods.
Commander The Commander allows you to recruit trainable troops and trains light infantry (Lance Militiamen, Posad Marksmen, etc.).
Mercenary Commander Allows you to recruit mercenaries (German Infantry Pikemen, German Infantry Musketeers, etc.)
Personal Guard Commander Allows you to recruit elite heavy cavalry (Kalmyks, Winged Hussars).
Heavy Cavalry Commander Allows you to recruit heavy cavalry (Moscow Reiters, Polish Reiters, etc.).
Cavalry Commander Allows you to recruit light cavalry (Armed Serfs, Volunteers, etc.).
Guard Commander

Allows you to recruit guard cavalry (Noble Guards, Nokhors, etc.)

Infantry Commander Allows you to recruit medium-heavy infantry (New Order Spearmen/Pikemen, Zolniers, etc.).
High Priest Increases your relations with your fief.

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