Lord Kastor of Veluca
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Rhodoks
Monarch King Graveth
Title Claimant
Gender Male

Lord Kastor of Veluca is initially the claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Rhodoks. He believes that he is the rightful king of the Rhodoks, as they have no hereditary ruler. Kings are voted in by a council, which meets in a no-man's land where weapons are forbidden.

During the previous vote, Lords Kastor and Graveth were the two candidates. While the council was deciding, Graveth appeared wielding a sword, saying that a Swadian raiding party was on its way and that he would leave the council members to their fate if they did not elect him as king. The council elected Graveth as king of the Rhodoks, and he then saved them. Kastor believes he should be king by default, as Graveth broke the sacred tradition by coming to the field while armed.

King Graveth sees the matter differently, saying that the election is a farce where the patricians have no thought for the kingdom and vote for whoever gives the best bribes. Graveth however, had spent years with the army, living on salted fish, sleeping on the steppes, and shedding blood in defense of the Rhodok people.

Kingdom of Rhodoks
King Graveth Lord Kastor of Veluca

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