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Light&Darkness is the name of multiple mods with the same story-line based in the original Mount&Blade map with a High Fantasy Setting. The series contains many new additions over the native game, including an actual plotted story-line; something that even many of the most popular mods don't have.

New Game Play FeaturesEdit

  • An actual plot
  • The horse armor combining system
  • The Weapons and Armors repair system
  • A new-and-somewhat-improved camping system
  • Gambling
  • More heroes: Four modified veterans, the Zendar Trifecta, the three Generals of the Durhua Empire, and two new and unique heroes
  • The three unique evil heroes Fenarir, Hel, and Jormungand
  • The Mysterious Bandit Leaders: Oguma, Melva, Nabaer and the Veteran Hero, Baheshtur
  • The Energy Bar
  • A remote Horse Market (Mid-Game)
  • Unique Weapons/Armors/Horses
  • Unique Items
  • Dungeons
  • The Almighty Shield of Fate
  • The return of Zendar and the Dark Knights
  • The Sixth Faction: The Dark Empire
  • New Character Creation System
  • Epic Intro
  • Power Gems (only 4 in first chapter)
  • A prostitute to hire if you are a king and your renown is high
  • Unique flaming sword (after completing certain quest)
  • Naked girls in the tavern (this can be turn off in the setting)
  • Special rewards in arena melee fights (can be added by paying a certain amount of denars before the melee fight)
  • Create your own banner using the banner creating system
  • A map during battle which indicates your and enemies troop location
  • Unique Merchants (one of which sells guns)
  • In total 7 factions can be made (the 5 original, Duhara Empire, and Calradian Empire-players faction)
  • Unique companion abilities
  • Unique Mirror of Truth (which can be obtained after completing a part from the mainline quest)
  • A National Tournament (during manline quest)
  • And An Epic Adventure

Chapter One: Heroes of CalradiaEdit

After creating their character, the player is introduced to the history of Calradia. The National Calradia Confederacy broke into the Calradian Empire. That broke into multiple factions. The Durhua Empire saw this as the time strike Calradia while its divided and is known as the "Cleansing of Fire". An ancient hero known as Leon united Calradia once again and vanquished the Durhua Empire and the Dark Religion. Years later, Leon passed away, and caused Calradia to break into the veteran factions: the Swadian Kingdom, the Rhodokian Kingdom, the Nordic Kingdom, the Vaegirian Knigdom and the Khergit Khanate. The hero catches up to the present day, into the neutral City-State, Zendar.

The hero is left in Zendar's tavern, the Happy Boar after apparently passing out drunk and the caravan he/she was in left with a small amount of coins to the hero. While passed out, the player momentarily plays as Great King Leon on a standoff with what appears to be a homage to the Lich King Angmaer, with Leon being set on fire by him. After waking up, the hero goes to the Happy Boar's Innkeeper, Suker. After he explains how the hero got here, he/she goes outside and meets the residents of Zendar's Town Square: Weaponsmith Robin the Fat, outgoing citizen Shoey, Trainer Guy, the Arena Master Prince, the Blacksmith Alix, Slave trader Ramun, Horsemaster Pain, Constable Hareck, Count Arraises and General Goods Merchant Kelavis. When you talk to Robin, he complains that a bird stole his only Fire Spar, a rare crystal, and if he/she finds it, he'll craft a master weapon for the hero.

After training with Guy and proving it to Hareck, the hero can either join a group of manhunters (Five Tutorial Battles) or go out as a veteran. The hero then speak to Ramun about who can join your party, who mentions our beloved nomad, Borcha. The hero then recruits our favourite merchant, Marnid first and then Borcha. But unfortunately, his most recent mishap caused him to land in jail in Rivacheg, and the guard won't let any one in before paying a 50 denar tax. If you advanced the hero to have a level 20 Skill of either Strength, Intelligence or Charisma, you can go in for free. After paying again 50 denars for getting Borcha out, the hero then can (and MUST) recruit him as a solider.

After defeating enough River Pirates, Suker then sends a messenger to send him/her back to his inn to warn him/her about a mysterious Pilgrimage with many in chains. When you get to the Pilgrimage, the hero is then warned by the runaway maiden, Ymira. After fighting them off, Ymira then warns the hero about the cave that holds more prisoners in hand. Unfortunately, when the hero and your companions defeated them all, you're too late to save Ymira's remaining family, where she then wishes to join so unexpectedly, with her medicinal skills coming in handy. This is where you get the fire spar from. Give it back to Robin to get a Modified Sister Guard Bastard Sword, Great Lance, Triple Bolt Ballista, Khergit Cavalry Bow or Cast Spears

After defeating the maximum amount of river pirates and getting all the rewards from Hareck (you can get small rewards for each band you kill beforehand) Arraises then gives the hero the task of defeating Pirate King, Nabar. You meet him one the edge of Argad Bay. He criticizes you for not living up to his expectations, which enrages your hero and his/her army engages and emerges victorious. Nabar is dumbfounded by his underestimation of the hero and tries to part like a "gentlemen" with the hero. The hero is unconvinced, but the pirate king escapes with his quickness. Borcha then notifies the hero of a mysterious medal that Nabar dropped while he was running. Thinking they can earn some denars with the medal, Borcha suggests selling it. The hero keeps it in hand while Borcha then requests to rest at Zendar while the hero figures out what this medal means.

After returning to Zendar and informing Count Arraises about Nabar's defeat, he congratulates the hero for defeating the Pirate, but worries about what Nabar will do now. The Count then realizes what the Hero has, Great King Leon's medal. He then tells him/her to come inside. Arraises then explains how Leon rose the great rebellion and destroys the Durhua Empire. The hero doesn't really understand because Leon's legacy has become myth in poems and songs. Arraises explains that if the journal he kept is real, that means that Leon was a real King. The only reason why no one believes it anymore is because the Kings that founded the five factions destroyed any sources of Great King Leon that they can get their hands on because of their pride and not wanting to admit that their ancestors were wrong.

The hero is then given a quest to warn the five factions' rulers, go around the taverns to buy drinks, hoping it will let anyone know where to the find the medal's smith. And defeating dark Pilgrims along the way. During this, depending on who you talk to first, King Graveth or Sanjar Khan will tell you to give a letter to the other ruler. Getting to the other ruler, however, will result with you being ambushed by the vanilla hero Baheshtur, who in this mod, is the leader of the Black Khergits. This Basheshtur will try and force the hero to give him the letter. Fortunately, the hero and his army is able to defeat him and his riders, forcing him to retreat. As soon as the hero gets to the ruler, they will brush it off as lies and deceit.

Along the way, when the hero talks to King Yaroglek, he says that he's hunting some kind of animal. Unfortunately, said animal turns about to be a giant troll, the first fantasy creature the player would likely encounter. There's Taiga Bandits that are fighting the troll, but unfortunately, they soon turn on the player, but is saved by the noble leader of the Taiga Bandits, who later explains that the bandits that turned on the hero are actually renegades.

Now back to the mainline quest. Once the hero gives out the messages you will need to go into a tavern in Sargoth and talk to the tavern keeper who will tell you that he recognizes the letter and tells the hero to go to the village of Aldelen. The village is located all the way west in the Kingdom of Nords. In Aldelen you will need to talk to the village elder about the medal then will need to find a cave which is in the mountains. Just ride around and you'll find it. Once in the cave which is a dungeon you will fight large trolls. Keep advancing and you will meet the Secret Man who will help you out. Once you are in the large room with chests and torches there will be two quite strong trolls which can only be defeated by destroying the torches (bring a range weapon with you). Then pick up the blue light which is a gem. After that take what's in the chest which is the Horn of Stars. It will help you find the other 4 gems by having a clue written on it. Exit the cave and the Secret Man will then leave you but he will appear again. The mainline quest then tells to go search for the other gems. To find the second gem go camp by the village of Emir and you will hear a horn blow which means you found it. Walk around and there you will see a yellow light which is the second gem. While riding don't forget to complete the boring repetitive tasks which is to destroy 10 parties of whatever unit you have to. The next gem can be found by winning the National Tournament.

At first you must go to Praven, talk to the tavern keeper and ask for a task. She will tell you to destroy forest bandits parties which you must do. Meet Rolf in the tavern (You will as well meet him once you firstly encounter Dark Hunters) who has a unique sword which you can take later once he joins your party. Once you destroy the forest bandits their leader Melva will ask you to come over. A fight is about to break out but Rolf who is Melva's brother calms everybody down. Finishing that quest will then allow Rolf to join your party but first you must defeat him one on one in a duel so you prove to be strong enough. Then talk to the tavern keepers until one says about the national tournament. It can be held in any faction but to participate you must win several arena fights, have a +5 relationship with the ruler of the faction and be prepared for challenging fights. You must win the national tournament to get the prize later from the King of the faction who will give you a nice helmet and the next gem. He will even offer you to become his vassal and it is up for the hero to decide weather to join or not.

Later on Rolf will go off to save his sister who was captured and there you become Rolf for limited time to save Melva from prison in Praven. The two will then join your party. The Horn of Stars then tells to find the gem over the seas. In Zender you can recruit the 3 new companions which will join you Xerina, Dranton, and Kradus. Go to Thir or Wercheg and buy a ship. You will have to fight sea raiders to get a ship by attacking their lair where you will find ship in which there is a map that tells about a secret island which you will need to sail to. By the way you must destroy the 'Destroy Dark Parties' quests in order to even get to the part so don't be lazy. Once in sea Nabar will attack you but you surely can beat him again. On the island find the mirror of truth and return back to Calradia.

There will then start the epic parts which you can easily find out yourself. But still I shall tell what it is. Returning back to Calradia villagers go up to and say that King Ragnar has been killed. A little bit later Fenarir come up to the hero and offers him to join darkness. Depending on all character choices you can decline and remain good or join which will cause all of your companions to leave you as well you will have to besiege Zendar then kill Rolf to get the last gem then you go on conquering Calradia. If you want to join darkness then be bad all the way throughout the game if you want to be 'lightness' then be good throughout the game and be good when it comes to choice making. Decline means that you are within the lightness. Then you will receive a message from Zendar that tells you to quickly come and aid Zendar against an army of darkness which is around 1000 powerful troops (you will probably win but with heavy loses). After defeating the armies King Ragnar will request aid from you (he isn't really dead). Go help him, he will be north of Zendar, then Rolf will give you the gem (without having to kill him like on the dark side).

There is where the First Chapter ends but there is many more you can do after finishing the First Chapter in the mod.

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