Lend Surgeon

Jeremus Full

Given by
Time limit
Completes in 4 hours
Relation +5
Refresh rate
50 days

Lend surgeon is a quest given by an enemy lord on departure.

The lord must not be quarrelsome or sadistic. Your best surgeon must have their surgery skill at least at level 5+Player_Level/10.

You rest on the overland map for 4 hours.

It takes 50 days to appear again.


If you talk to a lord raiding a village and start this quest, the lord may continue raiding the village while you are resting.

If you are Monarch of your own kingdom and refuse an offered vassalage in your court, that vassal may join an opposing faction, and upon talking to him again, may give you this quest. In this case you may talk to him yet again, to instantly complete the quest.

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