Learn Where the Hostages are Held


Given by
Quest Merchant
Time limit
Refresh rate

This is the second quest given by the Quest Merchant.

After having collected five men, the merchant needs you to find the location of the bandit's lair. There is a small gang of robbers nearby who can reveal the location, but only after a sound beating. Even fresh recruits can probably handle them, although the battle will be safer if your troops are leveled up to the second tier or higher, or if you've recruited more troops than the minimum of five.

The robbers will spawn quite close to the town and their party will be labeled in blue. If you can't see them anywhere after exiting the town, they may have spawned too close to the town and are obscured. Travelling around for a few seconds should cause them to start moving and become visible.

When the battle is over, the robber leader will promise to learn an honest trade when you let him go and tells where you can find his hideout, initiating the third quest, Attack the bandit lair.

Quest lineEdit

  1. Collect five men
  2. Learn where the hostages are held
  3. Attack the bandit lair
  4. Save town from bandits

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